Muselaa is a brand that bridges the heritage and quality of manufacturing & inception in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a distinctly creative aesthetic. Its collections take inspiration from the peoples way of LIFE”dress up how you feel” embodied by the style icons of the current.

"Leopold Ashley III C.E.O" & Founder | Website Developer

Since the brand’s inception in 2017, MUSELAA has rapidly evolve through creativity, hard work, determination, the will to keep going and giving back. 

With headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, MUSELAA is known for its creativity, connecting with people through products, services, entertainment and more… 

MuseLaa does not sell clothes and products but we sell an image that's strong, creative & consistent.  The goal is to create a community where the people support MuseLaa while each person is on their journey.  Were an Classic Streetwear brand and media platform dedicated to The Global Street Culture by connecting with the people around the world.